How to Get Started !


How to Get Started ?

You Need:

  •   A personal computer/laptop .
  •   A Broadband internet connection DSL/Cable. (fast Connection is beter)
  •   A computer headset.

Communication Software:

You will need following free softwares for the online conversation..



Skype is a world wide used software for the online audio chatting. It provides a clear interface between the users . No distortion and audio problems are faced mostly . It's Easy to use and Easy to start...Download Latest Skype. After Installing this software, sign-in and add our skype contact ID: sweetmadina26 



Mikogo is an easy-to-use cross-platform desktop sharing tool, ideal for web conferencing, online meetings or remote support. And you can download the full version for FREE by CLICKING HERE !


Instant demo automatically captures any visual changes on your desktop, including mouse appearance and movement. You can Download it for free by Clicking Here